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FEATURED (SATURDAY): BCBC - $1,000 2021 SUPER BCBC Qualifier - *PICK & PRAY* One (1) Guaranteed

Entries Close: 3:47 PM EDT Entry Fee: $1,000.00
Maximum Entries In Contest: 0 Maximum Entries Per Account: 2
Entries Remaining: Unlimited Minimum Entries Required: N/A
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Contest Description

Contest Races

Event Track Race No. Post Time (EDT)
1 Belmont Park BEL 7 3:47 PM
2 Santa Anita SA 1 4:00 PM
3 Woodbine WO 7 4:00 PM
4 Belmont Park BEL 8 4:21 PM
5 Woodbine WO 8 4:30 PM
6 Keeneland KEE 8 4:44 PM
7 Belmont Park BEL 9 4:52 PM
8 Keeneland KEE 9 5:16 PM
9 Belmont Park BEL 10 5:23 PM
10 Woodbine WO 10 5:32 PM
11 Keeneland KEE 10 5:48 PM
12 Santa Anita SA 5 6:06 PM
Maximum entries may expand in this event.

This is a paid contest that awards qualifying spots to the November, 2021, Breeders' Cup Betting Challenge.

AWARDED: ONE (1) ENTRIES ARE GUARANTEED IN THIS EVENT. VALUE = $10,000 (BCBC full entry).  $5,000 partials awarded per sufficient breakage

QUALIFYING PARAMETERS: ONE (1) ENTRIES ARE GUARANTEED IN THIS CONTEST.  One full $10,000 entry awarded per 11 entries.  
Any breakage entries will be returned to non-winners in the form of refund credits.

ENTRIES CLOSE TIME: The closing time for entries is designated once races have been inputted and will be reflected above.

PICKS FORMAT: $2 Win/Place on a single horse. Payout caps of 20-1 to win, 10-1 to place.


RACETRACKS: Check the eligible racetrack listing at the top of this description page, or as noted in the blue text on the home page contest listing (please note that not all racetracks may necessarily be used; this is a list of eligible tracks). Tracks are subject to change.

RACES POSTED TIME: Contest races will be posted at this description page between 5:00 and 10:00 p.m. ET approximately 48 hours prior to the contest.

SELECTIONS OPEN TIME: Selections will open for the contest between 5:00 and 10:00 p.m. ET approximately 24 hours prior to the contest.

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